Town of Sheboygan Volunteer Fire Department & First Responders


MABAS Information

The Town of Sheboygan Volunteer Fire Department is part of MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) Division 113 under the unit code 21. 

MABAS Information:

MABAS is a mutual aid organization that has been in existence since the late 1960s. Heavily rooted throughout northern Illinois , MABAS now includes over 750 member fire departments organized within 75 divisions. MABAS first came to Wisconsin in 1987 with the joining of the Village of Pleasant Prairie in Kenosha County .  MABAS divisions geographically span the states of Illinois , Wisconsin , Indiana , Missouri , Michigan , and the other states, i.e. Minnesota , Iowa , and Ohio , are considering joining. There are 16 established Wisconsin divisions (as of May 2008) who share MABAS with the 62 divisions established in Illinois .

MABAS includes over 25,000+ firefighters and daily staffed emergency response units including more than 950 fire stations, 1100+ engine companies, 375+ ladder trucks, 800+ ambulances (mostly paramedic capable), 150+ heavy rescue squads, 135+ light rescue squads, and 275+ water tankers. Fire/ EMS reserve (back-up) units account for more than 600 additional emergency vehicles.  MABAS also offers specialized operations teams for hazardous materials (HAZMAT), underwater rescue/recovery (DIVE) and above grade/below grade, trench and building collapse rescues, a.k.a. Technical Rescue Teams ( TRT ). An additional element of resource are the certified fire investigators which can be "packaged" as teams for larger incidents requiring complicated and time-consuming efforts for any single agency.

The purpose of a MABAS / Mutual Aid Advisor is to provide Incident Command with relevant MABAS / Mutual Aid information ranging from Box Card fill status to radio procedures during the MABAS / Mutual Aid incident.

The MABAS Advisors program was official adopted by the Sheboygan County Chief's Association on March 26th 2009.

MABAS Division 113 also utilizes a group of individuals known as MABAS Advisors within Division 113; these individuals assist both during MABAS incidents and outside of them as well. During a MABAS event a MABAS Advisor may aid either Command or Dispatch, in both cases they may carry out Communication's Officer duties, provide resource knowledge, or general MABAS procedure knowledge. Outside of MABAS Incidents they provide training and feedback to the departments and agencies that make up their Division. For more information about the Advisors you can contact Ryan Wessels.

Below is a map of all the counties that are participating in MABAS or have signed letters of intent of joining MABAS: